About Clay Technology

Clay Technology, a subsidiary to Mitta AB, is a firm of consultants in soil and rock engineering. The main work comprises research, development and guidance of engineering systems in rock and soil.

Clay Technology’s staff is specialised in clay based barriers for waste disposal as well as rock engineering and has been the main consultant of SKB (Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Co) with regard to the design and behaviour of clay-based engineering barriers and backfills in geological repositories since 1988.


Clay Technology has a large laboratory of 380 m2 for testing clay and soil in different scales with equipment for testing physical, chemical and mineralogical properties as well as thermal, hydraulic and mechanical.


Clay Technology has great modeling capability with expertise in thermo-hydro-mechanical and chemical modeling with different finite element codes and other codes.

Clay Technology was founded 1988 and thus celebrated its 25th anniversary 2013. It is located in the research village of Ideon in Lund, Sweden.

In 2007, a subsidiary company, B+Tech Oy, specializing in bentonite research and development for nuclear waste disposal applications in Finland, was established in Helsinki together with the Finnish company, Saanio & Riekkola Oy. B+Tech Oy has today 17 employees. Clay Technology’s half of B+Tech was sold to S&R in June 2015. In 2021 the Clay Technology AB was acquired by Mitta AB (becoming a subsidiary company). Mitta AB is part of Mitta Group, which is one of the leading consulting companies within the Nordic countries when it comes to measurement, geotechnics, field geotechnics, geo laboratory and environmental services.

Clay Technology's activities are divided into four main "divisions":

  • Technical development and measurements
  • Buffer and backfill THM behavior
  • Mineralogy and physico-chemical properties
  • Rock mechanics