Clay Technology Laboratory




Clay Technology has a large laboratory of 380 m2 for testing clay and soil in different scales with equipment for testing physical, chemical and mineralogical properties as well as thermal, hydraulic and mechanical. Clay Technology’s laboratory is specialized in clay analyses both with respect to geotechnical, chemical and mineralogical properties.



The laboratory has specialized equipment and routines for determination of rheological properties like shear strength and stress-strain properties with advanced triaxial tests and oedometer tests, physico-chemical properties like swelling pressure and hydraulic conductivity, and mineralogical properties like cation exchange capacity and exchangeable cations.

The laboratory has further equipment for block production in the decimeter scale, purification and ion-exchange of test material, and for work under specific conditions such as anaerobic box, climate chamber, centrifuge etc. Numerous thermo-hydro-mechanical tests with equipment designed for the special purpose have been performed.

Our staff has further direct access to the laboratories at the department of Civil Engineering, Geology and Chemistry at Lund University, which are used for large scale experiments and more advanced analyses such as XRD-diffraction and electron microscopy.